Policy on protection of personal information

Nippon Leakless Corporation, its executive officers and employees shall comply with laws on the protection of personal information, relevant laws and regulations, and guidelines issued by supervisory authorities, in line with our established basic policy below.

  1. We shall obtain personal information properly in line with relevant laws and regulations, and do our best to keep it correct and updated.
  2. Unless otherwise specified by laws and regulations, we shall notify or publish the purpose of using personal information, and shall use it only within the scope of the stated purpose of use.
  3. We shall not disclose or provide personal information to a third party without justifiable reason as per relevant laws and regulations, or without the consent of the person(s) concerned.
  4. In order to prevent loss, leaks, and the illegal use of personal information, we shall implement appropriate safety control measures that include related education for executive officers and employees.
  5. When an external contractor is allowed to handle personal information, we shall properly supervise the contractor so as to ensure safe control of personal information.
  6. Personal information shall only be disclosed and corrected in line with relevant laws and regulations by the request of the person(s) concerned.

Purpose of utilization personal information

  1. Personal information of our customers
    • Negotiation, communication, consultation, discussion, ordering, payment, and support for transactions
    • Implementation of duties based on transactions
    • Confirmation of destination of our products
    • Provision and collection of information related to our products
    • Communication/provision of information for our partner companies
    • Response to contact and inquiries about our products
    • Response to contact and inquiries on other issues about our company in general
    • Collection and analysis of comments about our company
  2. Personal information on shareholders
    • Execution of rights based on laws and regulations, and implementation of duties
    • Operation and record of shareholders meeting
    • Notification from the company to shareholders
    • Management of shareholders (e.g. generation of data that meet criteria specified by laws and regulations)
  3. Personal information of our executive officers, employees, their families, and retirees
    • Labor management such as business communication, attendance management, salary payment, allocation of appropriate personnel, evaluation, capability development, welfare, health management, safety and hygiene, and implementation of other duties specified by laws and regulations
    • Acceptance, implementation, and management of various procedures specified by internal rules
    • Communication and provision of stock ownership for executive officers/employees, subsidiaries, and affiliated companies
    • Notification and reporting to government offices
    • Sending internal reports and other circulation and emergency contacts
  4. Personal information on recruitment/invitation activities: recruitment/invitation activities, provision of information for applicants and contacts, and other use related to recruitment/invitation activities
  5. Personal information of those concerned in the neighborhood and private organizations: communication, counseling, discussion, negotiation, provision of information, distribution of circulation, and response thereto